Personal Projects

  • PiazzaBox and EdBox | Python, AlpineJS
    • I built these to archive my Berkeley coursework after graduating (and as an excuse to learn AlpineJS :P)
    • Piazzabox archives content from and Edbox does the same for
  • Simulake | C++, OpenGL, OpenCL, GLFW, GLSL
    • An optimized cellular automata based physics sandbox
    • Final project for CS184 (Computer Graphics), top 10 project showcase winner
  • Fmarch | C++, OpenGL, GLFW, GLSL
    • Real-time 3D fractal renderer using ray marching
    • Made this to render the Mandelbulb
  • Inter-Timeline Commenting System | React, Firebase, Flask, IPFS
    • CalHacks 2021 Winner: Protocol Labs Best Use of IPFS
    • Built a universal commenting system with web archival capablilities
    • Preserves historical context of comments by snapshotting page updates
  • Pathfinder | React, TypeScript, Ant Design
    • Built an interactive visualizer for pathfinding and maze generation algorithms
    • Implemented visualizations for 10 search and maze generation algorithms
  • and | Figma, React
    • Made contributions to frontend codebase for and
    • Reduces transaction fees for goverence voting on Uniswap and dYdX

Automation and Dev Tools

  • Reverse Proxy Playbook
    • Ansible playbook for provisioning a hardened reverse proxy on an OpenBSD host
    • I use this as a public-facing entrypoint to my Tailscale network
    • Important: I use this in tandem with Tailscale access control lists! (private)
  • Dotfiles
    • Personal configurations for kitty, zsh, neovim, tmux, and git
  • macOS Provisioning Scripts
    • Idempotent scripts for setting up a fresh install of macOS
    • Applies app installs, personalizations, and privacy/security tweaks
  • OpenSUSE Provisioning Scripts
    • Idempotent scripts for setting up a fresh install of OpenSUSE
  • Windows Provisioning Scripts
    • Scripts for setting up a fresh install of Windows (work in progress)
  • NixOS Configurations
    • Multi-host nixos configurations (work in progress)